The Founders - Maria Bamio

MARIA BAMIO – double degree in Law and Economics (E3, ICADE, Madrid), multi-lingual.

With more than 25 years’ experience in business development.

Maria has a long history of management in logistics, especially in ports. She has a proven track record of developing effective relationships with local and national governments.

Maria is customer and results focussed and has worked with multi-national clients including Inditex (Zara et al) and GEFCO PSA (Peugeot Citroen) in developing new logistics projects.

Maria is a Spanish Citizen

The Founders – Andrew Terris

Experience spanning multiple sectors at senior levels. Worked for Ernst & Young in their Audit and Consultancy divisions in New Zealand. He worked for the software company SAP as a managing consultant and programme manager specialising in logistics implementations including international rollouts across multiple countries.

He has successfully established consulting businesses and start-up companies (including internationally).

More recently, Andrew has been consulting to the health sector in process improvement and information including the use of measurement for improvement at national levels.

Andrew has New Zealand and Irish citizenship

Our Story

Our Name

  • Aroha = from the NZ Maori language meaning LOVE
  • Iberica = the peninsula Iberica – Spain and Portugal
  • The significance of the red “A”’s at each end of our name represents the Antipodes. NW Spain and Portugal is the antipodes of New Zealand – literally half the world away.

Our Logo

  • a traditional Maori design –
  • a symbol of creation due to its fluid circular shape,
  • new beginnings,
  • harmony and balance.
  • The spiral is found in the art of many cultures around the world. Interestingly, many similar designs can be found in the ancient celtic symbols carved in stone throughout Galicia in NW Spain.

This beautiful example of the Koru was made especially for and worn by co-founder of Aroha Iberica, Maria Bamio. It was hand-carved by famous New Zealand artisan, Graeme Wylie (https://www.jadecarving and was a gift to Maria from Aroha Iberica’s other co-founder (and Maria’s husband) Andrew Terris.

… crafted

While Jade is found in many countries in the world, flower jade can only be found in the west coast of New Zealand. The unique characteristic of flower jade is the yellow and brown tones in the stone. The west coast of New Zealand is the exact antipodes of Vigo, Spain where Aroha Iberica’s head office is based.

Just like the products we source and offer